Youth ministry

Please pray that we will be able to start a youth center in Russia. This way there could be a revival among the youth and God will really make a big difference in the future of Russia.

In the summer we take inner-city kids to Safe Haven Youth Camps where they can experience life away from the congested metropolitan areas. Many of these children have homes and parents but they are often abusive or alcoholic and most of the children don’t want to return to them.

Besides this, we go weekly to the juvenile correctional facilities and local hospitals, feeding and helping there and showing Christian dramas. Kids in these places never eat good food, fruit or candy and when we go we try to bring them things like this.

If we obtain a building, we will be able to expand our program greatly. We will work with more children, give them training needed to get jobs; like computer training or carpentry, help them get jobs, give them lessons in music, sewing, and sports and provide a “safe” place for them to live in case they need temporary emergency care. We will also be able to work more with their parents, which is another of our goals.