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You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.

Happy New Year! Each New Year I am always encouraged as my heart tells me that God is all I need.

As 2019 begins, may we call upon our Lord Jesus Christ for His intercessions, His guidance and His light to shine on our path. He is always with us and unfolds great possibilities for the coming year.

May the Lord bless you and increase his glory, love, and presence in your life and may He…grow you in his likensss daily and shower you, my friends, with his blessings.

What it Really Means to Receive and Give

2018 has been a wonderful year, with more lives transformed, and more people hearing about Jesus. Please know we remain faithfully committed to minister to all whom the Holy Spirit leads us…in 2019 as in previous years. Here’s some brief highlights of our opportunities to fulfill the great commission of our Lord!

I Cry Out to God for These Children

In December our youth served in a rehabilitation center for problematic teenagers. These are children who end up in this State institution due to their asocial lifestyle.

Many life stores are the same…early age drinking, experimenting with smelling glue and quickly accelerating to drug abuse. One finds them consumed by addiction and convinced they are not worthy of being loved.

As a rule, they are from dysfunctional families already involved heavily with drug/alcohol addictions. This group has a reputation of being very difficult and uncontrollable. Despite this, our team quickly found a common teen-age language with them.

These were just ordinary children who from childhood suffered from the cruelty of this world. In order to survive, they somehow quickly absorbed this cruelty..never knowing of kindness or God’s love.

But peering into their eyes, it was easy to understand that these kids just needed some human warmth in their life journey. We rejoice at the opportunity to share some kindness with these children and most importantly, share God’s love with them and touching their wounded souls. We know that only our God can heal them!

Kurgan Rehabilitation Center’s 13th Anniversary

Please join us in celebrating our 13th Anniversary! The years have passed so quickly. The Lord has done wonderous things at our Center and brought so many men and women back to Him. On December 1 we opened our celebration with prayers of thanks and an uplifting sermon.

Many of our former clients (and now brothers and sisters in the Lord) stayed into the night sharing testimonials and deep conversations. Over and over again the theme was of how God’s love turned their lives around and mended the broken pieces of their lives together.

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” Psalm 145:18

Acknowledging and fighting addiction is a hard journey for anyone. Recovering from an addiction isn’t easy. It takes a significant amount of willpower and self-discipline to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety from addiction to alcohol, opioids, cocaine and/or prescription drugs.

However, our clients quickly learn that they are never alone on this journey…our Christian staff is available to them 24/7.

Our staff is composed of compassionate professionals – many with personal experience in recovery, allowing them to understand, first-hand, what our clients and their families are experiencing.

During rehab, they are surrounded with like-minded individuals who are also looking for guidance from a higher power to stay strong in the life-long journey and struggles ahead.

The spiritual element is a large focus of treatment, but traditional drug rehab techniques are also crucial such as individual and group therapy, life-skills and emotional coping training. In the end, everyone is part of a tight-knit community.

The emotional support enjoyed during group meetings and in private conversations help them stay sober. Open spiritual reflection and discussion with like-minded peers can empower recovering addicts against feelings of shame that often lead to relapse.

We encourage each client to include daily worship as part of their recovery plan.

Quiet areas are made available for prayer are used for on-site religious services. Scripture readings, discussions and meditations are commonplace experiences.

The Christ presence is their guide, their strength and their comfort. Please keep our Center in your prayers.

Thank You!

I’m profoundly grateful for your partnership with Russian Missions in 2018. Together we have told so many lost people the glorious good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, and the riches of life in Him.

Everything we do is made possible by your prayers and gifts. I invite you to give joyfully and sacrificially, allowing Christ to bless others with his love—through you!

Thank you in advance for what you’re going to do and your love for Jesus Christ and His glory in our world!

Pastor Vitali Yuchkovski

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