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Their Wounds Were Deep

I want to thank you for your faithfulness in helping Russian Missions and the children we serve through Safe Haven Summer of Hope Camps.

We serve these children because we have been loved by God.  Working in response to God’s love makes us very motivated.  As you are aware, our work at Russian Missions is varied and complex and our free summer camps are just a small portion of our diversified ministries.

In this tough economy in Russia, those who have little are hit the hardest and chances are that it will become even more so.  Yet our ministries are very clearly God’s work.

What keeps our ministries in the fold of God’s work is that we serve those who hurt, who are in need or who have limited choices.  This response can take on a whole myriad of forms and be done by diverse people but it is always at the core of what we do and why we do it.

For example: Summer camp in Kurgan indeed had its challenges, but these served to demonstrate what can be achieved by God when a group of people are committed to serving Him, through loving others unconditionally.

The tireless input of our indigenous team along with your continued prayer support acted as a powerful witness to those children.

So, I want to thank you for your faithfulness and generosity in the midst of your own hard times.

The children you sponsored through your gifts may never be able to thank you as they would like.  But I can tell you that your gifts were truly changing lives.  May you be made rich in every way by our God who sees your loving sacrifices.

The children of the Kurgan Shadrinksy District joined with our team in holding our three-day summer camps.

Although often the authorities often reject such events, the local administrators approved our being at the recreational center. It was even equipped with a large playground which we used for various games and exercises.


On the first day, 45 children came and by day three there were 53 children awaiting our arrival each morning. All campers learned the life-changing story of Jesus. In addition, we were blessed to be able to hand out small food packages to the needy children.


Looking back…What I observed is that their wounds are deep. We learned that many of these kids are growing up in a fatherless or motherless family.

Some may have been physically abandoned. Other children have felt one or both parents being emotionally detached due to alcohol or drug addictions.

They haven’t sensed the caring oversight that comes from a loving heavenly Father. I pray that they will learn that God has made a different way for them.

He wants to show them how valuable they are to Him, how powerfully they belong to his family.

Please pray with us for God to continue to glorify his name and transform their lives!

I pray that as you are blessed, you look for every opportunity to be a blessing.

We have been honored to partner with you to help the poorest of the poor and bring the Gospel to multitudes.

Please prayerfully consider giving to the cause of Christ through Russian Missions. Thank you!

Pastor Vitali Yuchkovski

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