Each year, more than 120,000 new children are admitted to orphanages in Russia.

Economic and moral life is down in the former Soviet Union. Alcohol is destroying many families and the most vulnerable are the children. As a result, thousands of families make the unfathomable decision to abandon or give their children to poor houses and children’s homes, just to save their lives.

Mention the noun “orphan” in the United States and American adults envision an extraordinary child who lost parents through some heartrending event. Mention orphan in Russia and a Russian adult personally knows children consigned to a state-run orphanage. Why? A mother/father unable or unwilling to care for their child/children often leave their Podkidysh* (*translated-one that is left at the door) children are literally left at the orphanage entrance. Survival is a way of life for these children. They go to sleep without hope.

Russian Missions has stepped forward in a “Leap of Faith” and has dedicated itself to provide emotional (counseling, Christian education, holiday programs, etc.) and financial support (food, clothing, hygiene items, children’s books as well as Bibles) for these needy orphans. We must make an impact for Christ on these wonderful children

It has been often said, “Touch someone’s life, and you have truly touched the world.” There are countless stories about how your donations have made a difference in the lives of these needy children. We encourage everyone to “touch the world” and donate.