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Looking for the Most “Unhappy” Children

Nobody knows about them.  They are often hidden in their distant villages.  Each season my church goes from house to house looking for these most “unhappy” children.  That is to say, at-risk children from: poor families, dysfunctional families, single-parent homes, as well as kids who are mentally and/or physically disabled.

Our on-going special ministry…CHILDREN!  They are the subject of our care, our attention, our love, our ministry and our joy before the Lord.  Every church member can testify about this and takes pride in loving and minister to these unfortunates.

Summer Camp is a fairy tale, a dream beyond the clouds, the only joy in life for many years.  Sharing the responsibility as well as the love of our children, some members offer their services by: simply praying, some prepare and clean the facility; some procure the needed supplies (such as: food, hygiene items, toys, books, children’s Bibles, linens, Christian literature, etc.).

For a few days, these needy, unchurched kids can be just children surrounded by love and care.  Perhaps, it is a place where a child can eat his fill.  Others arrive in “rags” and are provided with appropriate clothes and shoes to wear.  Often kids live too far to return home each night and members of our congregation invite them to stay at their homes.

We watched a miracle last year!  After hearing about our outreach, Moslem families brought their children to our camp.  These poor, ostracized children were welcomed by my staff and the other campers.  There was no separation as a result of belief or nationality, just children who quickly held our hands while…laughing, playing, and singing.

Eight or nine days can transform a child’s life.  Many come to know the Father who loves them; many find salvation.  During our last morning together, we often wonder who is crying the most—the departing children or our team.  All of us get very attached to the children and continue friendships well after the camping days are just a memory.

Camp Mission

Safe Haven Summer Camps is a Christian ministry that’s entirely driven by a passion to evangelize and disciple today’s children throughout Russia.  It helps at-risk kids have fun, be taught new life skills, build relationships, study the Bible, and ultimately learn to live for Christ in every aspect of life.

What is most important for us is the twinkle in their eyes.  They have a dim, even dead look when they first arrive.  We try to give them a glimpse of the childhood they lost because of the social and political problems in Russia. – 2017 Counselor

In the past, Summer of Hope Camps have been privileged to touch many lives through this exciting ministry, and this year promises to be as enlivening as ever.  Whether it is the songs, the life-long values, the friends or the side-splitting fun, the majority of our campers ask to return season after season.

Our summer camp theme is: “Smile! Jesus Loves You!”
However, the only way they can experience this great event is if people like YOU will help.
YOU can bring a BIG smile to a child’s face and give them a summer that they will never forget!

God Bless you!

Pastor Vitali Yuchkovski

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