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Like Little Children

“Boys and girls, please take your seats while we finish preparing everything” our Missionary pleaded. Reluctantly, the orphans sat down but every child there was wiggling in excitement. Staring at the gaily wrapped boxes, it seemed an eternity before they heard: “Ok, it’s time to find your present”

Quickly, the room filled with joyful squeals and mounds of trampled wrapping paper. “What did you get?” “Let me see!” Clutching a pair of shoes to her chest, one girl shouted “They are so beautiful! I needed a pair!”

“But, she hasn’t even tried them on” thought our missionary. Just then, the little girl crouched down and popped them on her feet. “Well, they fit fine” Our missionary whispered to the orphan “God knows you and knew you needed such a present.… Let me tell you now about another present He has prepared for you.”

God comes to us in unexpected ways, in small ways, in ways we may overlook if we’re too busy to pay attention. But whether we notice Him or not, He is always present with us. Look for the Christ Child’s presence in your life this holiday season. You may find Him where you least expect Him.

As you read this, by faith we are making plans to help needy children throughout the former USSR who face a harsh winter, and may not know the love and salvation of Christ. My cry is for God to fill our hearts with compassion for the lost, for those in need.

Russian Missions aims to raise the funds to help children and young people this holiday season. As we celebrate God’s compassion for us through the birth of Christ, we invite you to consider the needs of these less fortunate children.

As I look back on this past year and into the New Year ahead, I offer my deepest appreciation to you, our ministry partner, for all you have done. Thank you for continuing to generously support all of our lifesaving programs. May God’s blessings be with you and yours in all of your holiday preparations and celebrations!

Pastor Vitali Yuchkovski