Hospice, Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Russia ‘s medical care is generally below western standards, with shortages of basic medical supplies and equipment outside big cities

In reality, the Russian medical system does the best they can with the resources they have, but too often it isn’t enough to help people suffering with otherwise treatable illnesses. We find so many patients; so young, so weak, so innocent; yet so friendly, so gentle, so brave.

Most hospitals warmly welcome Russian Missions. Our missionaries visit with a wide range of patients (including children as well as adults). Some will require only a short hospital visit and our interaction will be caring but brief. While others are terminal, so in the time that we have, Russian Missions will extend God’s love to these patients.

We wish you could come and visit the Russian Missions services in the nursing homes! Unlike the United States with selected financial support, they are desperately in need of funding.